Introduction to Foreign Exchange explains the basics of the global monetary system, starting with the foundation of international banking & finance (FX). Each student receives a physical paperback copy of the book Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex, a Forex trading account (self-funded) and optional strategies to use for Forex trading. When the course is completed, students receive a certificate of completion from our accredited education partner.  Click here to sign up now

This course will open your mind to the inner workings of the financial system. It will help you ‘not lose’ money, and understand that in FX, ‘not losing’ is more important than ‘winning.’ Students will have practical examples to use in their daily lives and business, whether it be to grow their own portfolios, manage risk better, or analyze their business more objectively. Course instructors paint the global landscape with a broad brush while providing specific examples and practical information for real use.

Students will receive:

  • A live Forex trading account (self-funded)
  • Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex hard-copy (checkout to learn more)
  • Penny Splitter Expert Advisor (Forex Robotic Strategy)
  • Unlimited, lifetime access to course materials
  • Certified, certificate of completion
  • Personalized training, Q&A from one of Fortress Capital licensed reps

Topics are divided into 7 lessons:

1 – Banking and Finance
2 – Foreign Exchange (Forex)
3 – Information Technology & Computing
4 – Compliance & Regulation
5 – Economics & Analysis
6 – Forex Business
7 – Algorithmic Trading Systems